Written on
August 20, 2019

Moving in Together

Moving Together


Moving in together with your special someone is a huge step, probably one of the most important steps you’ll take in your life. It means that you’re taking the relationship to a new level. It’s also stressful, it takes a lot of planning, and a lot of headaches. And that’s without taking the actual move into consideration.

But what about? This is an important aspect as well, when moving in with your sweetheart. So, to help you out, Empire Movers has put together a list of things that will make taking this important step so much easier. Here’s what you need to know.

What you need to do when moving in together

Moving means a lot of work and a lot of planning. You need to prepare in advance. You can’t leave anything until the last day. And if you really want things to be perfect, start work 3 months in advance of the move.

3 Months Out

  • Decide which of your belongings you’ll take with you and which you don’t need anymore.
  • Make a list of items you plan to sell, to donate, etc.
  • Prepare your financial documents. These will help you out if you need to sign a rental application. It’s best to start taking care of things early and not leave everything until the last moment.
  • Book a moving company, if you don’t want to d it yourself.

1 Month Out

  • Start the moving process by taking measurements of your furniture, to make sure everything will fit in the new place.
  • Rent a moving van, if you plan to take care of everything yourself. Don’t forget to make sure that you have access to the elevator, buildings, etc.
  • Get moving boxes, bubble wrap and other protective materials. And if you want some tips for packing breakable items, you can find some here.
  • Don’t forget to get a day off from work, for moving day. Letting your boss know in advance is the best possible move. This way, you can avoid unwanted surprises.
  • Start packing the things that you won’t need in the near future.

1 Week Out

  • Move the bills to your new home. And don’t forget to also alert the Postal Service.
  • Label the boxes.
  • Clear the fridge. At this point, it’s best not to buy food anymore. Either order in or eat out.
  • Pack a personal suitcase, with things that you’ll need right away after the move. Some clothes, toiletries, pajamas, paperwork, etc.
  • Clean the apartment and take care of any problems, to make sure that you recover your deposit.

Moving Day

  • Pack the remaining items. You can use towels, sheets or clothes to wrap electronics and other such items.
  • Make sure the moving boxes are assigned to the right rooms.
  • Check your home one last time to make sure that you didn’t leave anything behind.